Marlo Thomas became the star of That Girl and she no longer appears often in front of the camera. However, it is sure that people will always see her as That Girl and there is actually another reason which makes her mentioned like this. She recognized from her smile which is easily infectious and of […]

Many Hollywood celebrities keep their plastic surgery as secret although there is no question that the public can see the difference from their look previously and recently. Plastic surgery is absolutely can change someone’s appearance greatly but if it does not apply properly; there will be kind of strange feeling from this picture perfect appearance. […]

Many people have the sentiment that usually Hollywood celebrities will take the nose job because they want to make better look of the nose which will be helpful for improving their appearance. It is sure that a nose job can be one important step for them to reaching and maintaining fame but we can make […]

Benjamin Bratt is one of private actors which has adorable look. His dark skin is matched well with his black hair. There is no wonder that he has many fans that adore him so much. Since he has become more famous than before, it seems like he did a minor nose job. In his old […]

Kerry Washington started her debut in the mid of the 90s and she becomes even more famous after starring the film For Colored Girl. If you take a closer look at her picture when she first debut in the entertainment world, you will see many differences if you compare it with her recent picture. The […]

Sarah Jessica Parker is known as a super famous actress with billions of fans. It is easy enough for her fans to find the difference that is shown on her nose. In her old picture, her nose had bulbous tip and it has a large bump at the end. However, in her recent picture, her […]

The internet becomes great source and support for many people to get anything they need. There are many people who get the fame from the internet and of course YouTube becomes the support which we are talking about. Justin Bieber has rocketed in singing career because of his appearance on YouTube so did Elle and […]

It seems like Victoria Beckham, who is also known as Posh Spice, just get a nose job done to her. On 2008, when she had hairstyle which is similar to Halle Berry’s hairstyle, her nose is also similar to Halle Berry’s nose. It looks smaller and less round. It is really reminiscent of the actress […]

Cameron Diaz is one of the actresses that do not believe in doing a plastic surgery. She said that beauty comes from the inside, that trying to look like another person will only destroy the character you have now. In 2007, she underwent a nose job. She said that it was purely for medical reason […]

Bollywood, the Indian film business has evolved just as the Hollywood has. And the practice of plastic surgery has started to become widely accepted among Indian stars. Personally, she admitted that she keeps an open mind about plastic surgery, believing that it is okay to get it done it plastic surgery is what makes you […]