Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before & After Pictures

Angela Yeung well known with Angelababy, and her amazing debut in entertain world makes people likes her. She is a model, actress and singer who Hong Kong-based Chinese. She was rumored has had plastic surgery to makeover her appearance. She wants to improve her appearance to forward her career. 24 years old of Angelababy reported to have any surgery procedures such as a nose job, eyelid surgery, chin surgery and facial fillers.

Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before & After

When we compare her old photo and her recent one, her appearance looks so different with the recent one. She has changed dramatically in the 7 years and she turned into different woman.

She has been reported to have had double eyelid surgery. You can see it with her new eyes. Her new eyes look bigger and it is indicated that she was getting under the knife procedures. Then her nose bridge looks raised, it is indicated that she also has had a nose job (rhinoplasty).

Besides, her jaw line also changes, her jaw looks slimmed down with an unnatural shape. Her chin also looks sharper and elongated; it seems she also has chin surgery. She likely also has some facial filler in her cheek and chin. This procedure will make her plastic surgery give the best result.

Many people believe that she has a lot of surgery procedures, not just one. They think that Angelababy may not have a dramatic change without the under the knife procedure. But, Angelababy denied that she had some surgery done. She claimed that everything is natural, her appearance changes was not because of surgery. Angelababy strengthen a statement by visiting surgeon at September 7th 2010 to verify that she really did not have plastic surgery. Angelababy said that she has had visited the surgeon and she checked up by the surgeon about a half hour to to proof that she has not had any kind of surgery.

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