Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery

Do you have already recognized about certain celebrity names such as Carla Bruni? Well, I may consider any of you already know about her involvement to plastic surgery. What may become the most noticeable thing about her involvement to surgery is the worst result of it.

Many people may also consider she has become more similar to Wildenstein is really the icon of surgery failure. She gains her name through his husband such as Nicolas Sarkozy. So, what kind of surgery procedures which she has conducted?

There is no doubt that she has had surgery because her face becomes terrible nowadays.

In the past, people may recognize about her involvement to plastic surgery because in her age of 50, she has no change in her appearance.

Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery Before & After

The hidden fact about her involvement to surgery is stated clearly from her nose. You may notice that her nose nowadays seems thinner and more pointed. It is absolutely the major indication that she has gained rhinoplasty or nose job. Nose job actually is the most common  surgery procedure which many celebrities have conducted nowadays. The result of her nose job seems regular actually if you look for her before and after pictures.

Another significant procedure of surgery which she has conducted is the Botox injection.

In fact, I bet this is the main reason why she is considering gaining failure of plastic surgery. If you look at the result of her Botox injection, she has obtained excessive procedure to make her face tighter and wrinkles free. The excessive Botox injection has clearly made her becomes so much similar to bride Wildenstein or people commonly recognize her as a cat lady.

It is true that plastic surgery procedures can become the alternative methods to boost the appearance. Yet, you need to recognize as well about the risk in having surgery. It is about how such surgery may provide a negative result of the surgery.

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