Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before & After

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery

Many people are deciding to be under the knife in order to enhance their physical appearance to be much better and better. That is something addicting sometimes, and it is not surprising why a lot of celebrities want to get any kind of plastic surgery procedures more and more. That is like a phenomenon.

However, it still becomes a hot topic that is discussed, as like Julie Chen plastic surgery. Her transformations make the topic becomes really booming. There are some cosmetic surgery procedures which are suspected done by her. Some of the procedures of cosmetic surgery are nose job and also blepharoplasty.

Many people said that she looks fantastic in her not-young age, or about forty near fifty. That is why the issue was arisen.

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before & After

Surely, there are some indications which can drive the opinion that Julie Chen has have had some plastic surgery procedures. The issue of Julie Chen plastic surgery procedures comes from those indications. People can see it directly from the photos. There will be seen so much significant difference there. The first is regarding to the look of her nose. Her before nose looks a bit bigger and also wider, but now it looks much narrower. It is possibly done by the procedure of rhinoplasty.

Besides of that, the significant difference is also seen from her eyes. Her small eyes are changed to be opened and bigger. Her eyes before are that narrow. It is likely a result of eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty.

There are two possible cosmetic surgery procedures which are done by Julie Chen in order to make her look different and change fantastically. They are Blepharoplasty and also rhinoplasty as the parts of Julie Chen plastic surgery procedures. The Blepharoplasty procedure can make the eyelid to be much better and the result can make the eyes look opened and wider as like what is seen on Julie. The rhinoplasty can make one’s nose improved, such as narrower, sharper, smaller, and more. In conclusion, the whole changes of Julie are completely great without looking too overdone.


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