Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

There are so much gossip and facts associated with plastic surgery among celebrities make a name Naya Rivera  recently entered the ranks of celebrities who penchant of plastic surgery in order to support his performance.

Professional demands as workers in the field of entertainment industry makes Naya Rivere to stay always look stunning in front of the public and her fans. These demands are not directly encouraging the 26-year-old girl to go quickly modify the body shape.

Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Before & After

Naya’s photos are obvious different between the first photos with recent one. In the photo, her breasts look bigger than the previous photo.

In addition, her cheeks also look fuller and firmer than before. The difference is as unnatural and it is also possible if Naya had breast implants and dermal fillers.

Naya Rivera Before Plastic Surgery

Whether it is rumor or fact, which surely some plastic surgeon’s opinion further reinforces the rumors that are circulating?

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer agrees if Naya Rivera is having Breast Augmentation and dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are used to make the cheeks and lips become fuller.

While Dr. David Shaver plastic surgeon celebrities said that excessive change is very visible on the Naya Rivera cheeks and breasts.

Plastic surgery should not be taken too far because it would give the impression that is not natural, he added.

Plastic surgery or not, it seems that it does not diminish the prestige Rivera in TV entertainment scene. She still looks beautiful and sexy with her trademark style.

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