Toni Braxton Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

Toni Braxton Plastic Surgery

Toni Braxton has admitted that she had done two types of plastic surgery in 1992. The plastic surgery programs were breast augmentation and nose job. Although, she only admitted two surgery programs, but her fans speculated that she has more than just breast augmentation and nose job. Toni Braxton surgery can be seen from her before and after photos.

Toni Braxton Plastic Surgery Before & After

Dr. Michael Salzhauer stated that there is something different in Toni Braxton’s face when he analyzed it through the photos. The difference is in the shape of her face, especially on her cheek. Based on this analysis, it is predicted that Toni Braxton plastic surgery was including Botox and Radiesse in her cheeks.

The impact of the surgery is making her cheek looks protrude. Moreover, the surgery fixes the contour of the face so it looks youth and wider.

On the other hand, the nose job she had before was to fix the size and the shape of the nose. The breast augmentation was useful to maintain her breast size and shape. By taking those different surgery programs, she looks more beautiful than before. At least, her face looks proportional than before.

We can conclude that Toni Braxton surgery was successful enough. Even, the procedure above brought her to the offer from Playboy.

Her previous pose in Playboy revealed her breast augmentation implant. Of course, their fans could answer the secret of the changing around her face.

From the photos, we can also assume that the result of the surgery is also natural and looks perfect. We can only see the difference after comparing the before and after photos. In this case, we also need to read the analysis of the expert to make sure that it is not only the art of makeup, but it is really a plastic surgery procedure.

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